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Traditional Thai Massage

This is an ancient massage type from the East, which is good for the whole body, especially for those who miss the varied sports forms from their life. This special massage type has a well-based coreography, which takes 1-1,5 hours. During this the whole body is massaged – the masseuse uses her elbow, her palm, her knee or even her foot soles! For traditional Thai massage they do not use any oils or cremes. The massage is on a special mattress. The guest wears a loose dress during the massage.

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Aromatherapy oil massage

During the Thai oil massage the whole body gets refreshed and regenerated. The oils get into the skin and works on the skin, so the total absorption take 6-8 hours - that is why it is highly not recommended to take a shower or a bath after the massage for a while. For the complete relaxation the guests can choose between different aromas and oils. For personal massage combinations please contact our reception!

Back, shoulder and neck massage

This massage type focuses on the head and neck areas, and it takes 30-60 minutes. Just as the traditional body massage, it is on a special mattress in a loose linen dress. This is one of the most effective procedure to let go of everyday’s stress and get refreshment from office work lifestyle, especially for those who have a lazy or bad posture. Combining this massage with a head massage, the neck pain and immobile, inflexible neck, tiredness and headache is easily solvable. For personal massage combinations please contact our reception!

Foot Massage

The Thai foot massage prevents and cures a lot of illnesses, and it has extremely high stress relief effect. All of our organs are connected with a particular point on our foot sole, and through this massage we can influence them. During the massage the masseuse uses a special wood stick, from the bottom of the foot sole they go up to the calf as well, using acupressure.

Thai oil massage with body scrub

During the 1.5 hour treatment the masseurs first remove dead skin cells with the body scrub. The contact with the tiny crystals opens up our pores and helps our skin to breathe again. The scrubbing takes approximately 30 minutes, and it is followed by a shower, and then a gentle, relaxing oil massage takes over. The combined massage is a healer of the body and soul, physically and mentally renewable, and in addition our skin gets soft, smooth and hydrated.

Thai Herbal Massage

The herbal massage is a combination of the original Thai massage and the Aromatherapy massage. This type of massage is one of our most unique massages. In Thailand they use this a long time ago, it is more than a hundred years old. They use it mostly for curing the muscles and joints. The herbal sacks are heated up before the massage, and the warmth of the steam also helps the circulation of our system, refreshes the bloodstream and muscles. For personal massage combinations please contact our reception!

Attention please! You can only have resort to this therapy by making an appointment or having a minimum 30min therapy before it because our masseurs need time for preparation.

Four Hands Oil Massage 

The Four Hands Oil Massage is an unique and relaxing experience for those who try it. The two masseuses spend more time on each body part, so this four-handed technique multiplies the effectiveness of the massage. It is also very deeply relaxing, as the brain can not concentrate on two areas simultaneously. Because of that, after 15-20 minutes the guest will be completely relaxed! Thanks to this, we achieve deep relaxation that helps to drive accumulated tensions, calm the nerves and energize us as well. The detoxifying effect of the massage is stronger, and it strengthens the immune system. It is a full recreation for both your body and soul.

Face Massage

Facial and décolleté massage promotes facial connective tissue regeneration, and slows the aging of the skin. For your information, by stimulating acupressure points on your face, you can deal with many health problems. For example massage on the eyebrows can have a beneficial effect on the lungs! Applying pressure to the two corners of our lips has beneficial effects on the health of our kidneys. While on a diet, massaging the lymph glands also has positive outcomes. This type of massage is particularly recommended for those who work exhausting mental or office work all week, since this technique not only cleares your mind, but can improve your ability to concentrate.

Lava Stone Massage

Lava stone massage is a relaxing, soothing and recreating treatment, for which cleaned and energised “black obsidian” silica lava stones are used. The treatment is based on a special massage technique; it helps energy flow and improves wellbeing parallel to soothing stress.

Attention please! You can only have resort to this therapy by making an appointment or having a minimum 30min therapy before it because our masseurs need time for preparation.

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